RCH Melbourne View of the Playground

Can architecture get too close?

Having previously waxed lyrical about the Royal Children’s Hospital and its architecture …I’ve just had a very ‘close up experience’ from a week inside the hospital caring for my son. I’m sure there are easier ways to get glimpses of this great building, but the only way to understand the function of the design is to be … Continue reading

Mexican Stand Off -Boy, Dog, Cow

Mexican Stand-off in Healesville

A little time away from the city this weekend allowed for some unexpected encounters of boy, dog and cow. Couldn’t help a little cinematic effect with the image.

The Argus Building 2013

Architectural neighbours #6 – Decay and Progress in Elizabeth St

One of Melbourne’s most impressive inter-war buildings (and the birthplace of much of Australia’s early journalism), the Argus joined a growing number of unloved and disregarded older places as the property boom of the new Century gripped the city. Traded in succession by speculators who baulked at her asbestos infestation and her lowly prospects, they left her to scoop up ready profits from … Continue reading

False Evidence Appearing Real

Melbourne Now #2

Here lies more Melbourne Now works  -  from the delectable Hotham St Ladies who create inspiringly (and partly edible) art installations which are both nostalgic and humorous to the beautifully rendered landscapes by Brian Martin – both true meditations on place. The strikingly open works by Ricardo Idagi of the challenges of crossing cultures struck … Continue reading

Urban Wit Carlton

Urban Wit # 1 – Carlton

Somewhere – just out of our line of view – there can be the illusion of a better place – the ‘just around the corner’ feeling of something better to follow. Given my recent creative slump – this sign is a good reminder. Maybe we shouldn’t always be seduced by the promise of the next … Continue reading

Ikan Mas

Bandung to Bali XXXi: Ikan Mas

We don’t see the fish at first – even as we stare at the inky green water that slips and folds below our feet. We pull ourselves up by the bamboo railing on the short bridge  - hands pressed and elbows locked, we peer into the dark pool. “No fish Daddy,” says Johnny, his round face … Continue reading

The empty suburban #2

Architectural neighbours #5 – Beyond the death of the milkbar

Many writers have mourned the death of the Australian milk bar. Overrun by 7/11’s and increased trading hours by supermarkets, the unique little local shop has few finger holds left in the fabric of the modern Australian suburb. I was so pleased to come across signs of life in my recent wanderings only to find … Continue reading

Cottage 1

Architectural neighbours #4 – The Cottage Politic

These side by side suburban cottages show a gentle difference in their outer decor. One a little ne’er do care, blousey republican; the other a more judiciously trimmed monarchist perhaps? Whichever way you vote there’s no resisting either on this lovely early summer’s day, just before the hot weather hit Melbourne.

Madonna of the Rocks

Madonna of the Rocks

Nature has a way of suggesting shapes in unusual places and it’s irresistible to interpret these forms and see them as something more familiar. Like the wearing away of stones into symbolic shapes – like The Twelve Apostles. (Well there aren’t Twelve anymore, no doubt due to a more acidic ocean) or the ridges of a … Continue reading

Flowering Gum

Bark with Fireworks

Some celebratory eucalypts for Australia Day. Enjoy it where ever you are.

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